Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A rule according to me…

While browsing for treasures in my local Goodwill, I came across a Sid Dickens plaque. I have never collected them, but have known several friends that have them. Anyway, it was a whopping $1.99 so I bought it (breaking my cardinal rule of never checking out with just one item – I really am just too lazy to stand in line and have to dig out my wallet for one thing!). I listed the plaque in Ebay and some crazy fool bought it for a billion times what I paid for it. So I used the funds to purchase a server off of Craigslist. It was dated and pine, but had potential and it was multi-functional.

A rule according to me: furniture must have multi-functions or uses

This table can serve as a sofa table, entry table, and night stand. No matter what home I live in I will always be able to find a place for it. This may not be a revelation for some, but it saved me much heartache due to not having to sell furniture when I just couldn’t find a place for it in our new digs…


A fresh coat of heirloom white and 2 clearance cup pulls from Target equal perfection in my book.



  1. Love it! Those legs are just gorgeous!

  2. That console table rocks. What a great idea to put it in a kitchen...Genius!