Sunday, May 2, 2010

Pottery Barn on a budget

Missed me?  I have been super sick, but thankfully I am much better.  I have been confined to the parsonage for weeks and thought I was going to lose my mind!  I feel like I had decorating withdrawals with no projects going on, so I got a quick fix Saturday morning by hitting a few garage sales. 

I found a few treasures…a set of rusty tin tiles, a Pottery Barn wall shelf, and a super cute set of placemats and napkins.  The Rev hung the shelf for me yesterday…love it.  I have shared that our master bath is tiny and outdated, so any extra storage is welcome.  The picture is from a great vacation at the beach…the shell came from my Grandparent’s house…the silver cup was the Rev’s baby cup…I am on the lookout for something to lean in the back of the last cubby – will shop the house.


I am linking to Today’s Thrifty Treasures at Southern Hospitality.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Coffee Table Update

I needed (I really should not classify this as a need!) a new coffee table.  After searching Craigslist, I found something that with a little elbow grease would work.

Of course I forgot to take a true before picture – still trying to get with the blogging program!  The before pic is the table with a coat of liquid sander.  A couple coats of Heirloom White and walnut stain on the top – love it.



The Rev hard at work!  Apparently I should take photographer off of my future occupation list!




Decided to distress after it was in the house.  Put an old towel under the legs and sanded away.  Added a little stain with a q-tip.  Looks perfect to me!



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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ruffled shower curtain

It has been a busy weekend! I have been working on a little master bath spruce up. When you live in a parsonage the bathrooms are usually very low on the update list. So, this often makes you work with what you have and make the best of it.

Looking online for ideas, I came across this blog and instantly became inspired – love that! I loved the shower curtain and was brought back to the day when I was standing in Anthropology trying to decide whether or not the Rev would kill me for buying a very expensive, but very fabulous ruffled shower curtain. After deciding that groceries and gas were priorities {I hate being a grown up sometimes!} I just walked away…so sad…fast forward to last week. I was inspired…I was motivated…I was scared to sew and cut fabric. Then my sister decided to visit for the weekend – hallelujah! She has recently caught the sewing and quilting bug, so it was not hard to enlist her help. She did all the cutting and laying it out and I sewed. It is not perfect, but I love it!

We used 90” bleached muslin from Hobby Lobby. The whole project was under $20!

april 004

april 007 Just folding and sewing random ruffles

april 009 ruffles – ruffles – more ruffles

april 010 taped to the floor with painters tape to hold in place

april 011

april 019 bottom of curtains

april 017 That is an antique ceiling tile above the towel hooks.

shower curtain 001 can’t fit it all in the frame!

If I can rope my sister into doing the bulk of the work – so can you! Thanks Sister.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring Mantle

I have filled the mantle with some of my favorite things…giant chalkboard…old hymnals…apothecary jars…antique doorknob…shells and a nest. The large apothecary jar is filled with found treasures including shells, starfish, paw print of the best dog in the world. I change the chalkboard often, usually hymn verses that I find meaningful.

stephens camera 024

stephens camera 023

I like to tell the Rev that the chalkboard is an evangelism tool…when hosting ladies from my volunteer organization I always have someone comment on it and ask me about church! I am not sure he is as excited my home decor as I am!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A rule according to me…

While browsing for treasures in my local Goodwill, I came across a Sid Dickens plaque. I have never collected them, but have known several friends that have them. Anyway, it was a whopping $1.99 so I bought it (breaking my cardinal rule of never checking out with just one item – I really am just too lazy to stand in line and have to dig out my wallet for one thing!). I listed the plaque in Ebay and some crazy fool bought it for a billion times what I paid for it. So I used the funds to purchase a server off of Craigslist. It was dated and pine, but had potential and it was multi-functional.

A rule according to me: furniture must have multi-functions or uses

This table can serve as a sofa table, entry table, and night stand. No matter what home I live in I will always be able to find a place for it. This may not be a revelation for some, but it saved me much heartache due to not having to sell furniture when I just couldn’t find a place for it in our new digs…


A fresh coat of heirloom white and 2 clearance cup pulls from Target equal perfection in my book.



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